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oh my god

oh my fucking god

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transparent screaming John for your blog

(chants “4 more years”)

You might need those, John.

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22 hours of no sleep and counting idk why i did this anyway, these designs were inspired by kingdom hearts(sora, riku, and kairi) and yes i know aqua, terra and ventus exist but i am saving their style for the alpha kids(you know something like, armor stuff!) and um yeah i hope you like it 8)

i chose each weapon according to canon: john(hammerkind) dave(bladekind) rose(needlekind) and jade(riflekind)

jade’s was inspired by Squalls sword (Leon in Kingdom hearts)

and um im tired as fuck

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==>Kwii: Break people’s dashboards.



Note: Obviously, the song repeats a few parts so I cut corners and I didn’t make any duplicates, but if you know the song, you can put it together in your heads. *is a lazy fuck*

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This started out as doodles of the kids, to see how I felt about the outfits and if I maybe wanted to change them (so far Dirk’s is the only huge change, though Jade’s neck thing turned to a looser hoodie to look less warm)

Then I decided, as I started, that I wanted to draw the kids also based on what I believe they’d do either as a job or as their main hobby in Acquariet.

In Acquariet, I’m thinking at a young age (probably around 15 or so) kids would need to choose a place to work, and instead of highschool they’d do a work study.  At the end of it, probs at about 18, they’d either be asked to stay or be let go.

In the case of Jake on this, I imagine since he’s without guardian at all, that he’s kind of self taught himself, and has had a huge interest in the little ship things that float above the city. So he always is climbing all the way up there and trying to talk them into taking him on as an apprentice.

Oh wow, these are really cool. 

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==> Your name is Andrew Hussie, and you’ve created something powerful.

Beta kids: John/Rose/Dave/Jade

Guardians: Dad/Mom/Grandpa/Bro

Sprites: Jade/Dave/Nana/Jasper

Alpha kids: Jane/Dirk/Jake/Roxy

Exiles: WV/PM/AR/WQ

Trolls: ///♊////♏.////

My god this took forever. And finding the sources. Oh my god. Also, for the ones where they have no source- if you know it please send it to me and/or add it yourself! Thanks.

Inspired by this.

Everyone should go check it out.

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you’re right anon, I don’t ship it… but I drew it anyway! look how much I love you guys (◡‿◡✿)







you’re right anon, I don’t ship it… but I drew it anyway! look how much I love you guys (◡‿◡✿)





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Just like everyone else!!! I’m doing an giveaway in honour of getting a certain number of followers!!! Except not really because this was meant for when I get 300 followers, and I only (well not only but you get what I mean!!) have 264, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH BECAUSE I’M TOO ———EXCIT———ED TWO W8!!!!!!!! :33

How to win these cool prints/how it works/rules:

  • Reblog this post five times max!!! I will be counting because I’m creepy, so if I see you go over, then you’re automatically out of the chance to win these!!
  • My current 264 followers may reblog this up to 10 times since this isn’t celebrating ~300~ so yeah!!!
  • Only one like!
  • You do not have to be following me! That’d be stupid if it was like that. People are stupid when they do that.
  • I will pay for shipping!! Including internationally because I’m cool and I should be able to spend a little bit of my hard-worked money on something.
  • You must have your ask box open! If it’s closed when the day comes for me to pick a winner, I just go pick another person!!
  • I will be randomly picking a winner, fyi
  • Giveaway ends February 18th, 5 pm MST!!! So at least have your ask open by then! (Or actually if I’m working during that time, just after work, then.)
  • —Please do not delete this any of this text above this line!!!—


Not only will you be winning these rad pictures:

But I will be adding more prints to this giveaway!! Since it seems to be mainly pictures of Roxy and Dave here (sorry, they’re my favourite to draw sooooo), I will be drawing more until the deadline (of any of the characters)!! Aaaaaaaand, you (the winner) gets to request one drawing from me (it must be Homestuck, though!) and I will get it print it out on a 16x20 inch poster, and send that to you as well!! But that will definitely be sent out seperately and after the prints because give me time to draw, sheesh! (Also we need to discuss what you want drawn!)

Other info:

  • The four bigger prints are on 8x10 inch gloss paper—they look really nice and vibrant in real life!! I promise!
  • The smaller Roxy picture is on 7x5 inch gloss paper
  • the last two Dave(sprite) ones are on 4x6 inch gloss paper! They look so cute. ;u;
  • More prints that will be added to giveaway will most likely be on 8x10 inch gloss paper as well, but who knows!!
  • I will be editing this and adding the new prints, but uploading the drawings to my tumblr as well, so idk what use of info this sentence is doing for you
  • You can suggest things for me to draw for new prints until the deadline!! Just drop it in my ask and will consider it! C:
  • Yes, these are my drawings, in case you were wondering

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me line in my ask box! Good luck, everyone!!!!!!

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