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annanocturnal, annievonrott, and myself have teamed up for a giveaway project! We will be doing one of these giveaways each time the zodiac changes. Each basket will include a shirt for the zodiac’s troll, the Ben Nye makeup and nail polish, a set of horns for the troll, and a prop for that character.

As the sun is currently in Pisces, this giveaway is for Feferi Peixes!

Included in this troll basket:

  • One Feferi shirt (not pictured) in winner’s size
  • One set of Feferi horns
  • A set of Ben Nye makeup including Final Seal and Neutral Set
  • A 2x3dent (not pictured; it is about 5’6”. Pictures will be up soon.)
  • Yellow nail polish


  • Likes AND reblogs count.
  • Please reblog only once. Any more will be disqualified.
  • No need to follow us, though it’d be appreciated!

We will ship ANYWHERE! The giveaway ends one week before the zodiac changes, on March 13th. Thank you very much and good luck!

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